Nation Wide Campaign

The Party has decide to launch a nationwide movement from 23rd to 29th January 2014 on the basis of following demands:-

• Construct Netaji Bhavan at New Delhi

• Implement anti-corruption laws strictly

• Establish Separate Vidharba and Telengana States

• Intensify the Campaign against drug and alcoholic addiction

• Equire all Chit Fund scams and introduce more stringent mechanism to curb the mushrooming of chit funds.

• Stop atrocities against women and ensure gender equality.

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Desh Prem Divas

The life and struggle of the great revolutionary patriotic leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose have been inspiring his countrymen for decades together. He is hailed by all his countrymen as a great leader very near and dear to their hearts. His supreme sacrifice and love for his country are rare instances of noble quality that are found in the history of our freedom struggle. Gandhiji himself once paid highest tribute to Subhas by mentioning him as the "patriot of patriots." Netaji's name in modern India stands as a symbol of patriotism. Subhas Chandra sacrificed many of his worldly comforts and prospects like the ICS-posting, presidentship of the Indian National Congress or allurement of post-independence high-ranking national position. On the other hand, he preferred a life full of suffering...

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Join Us

We are fighting for Corruption Free India. If you dare to do so Join Us

Election Candidates : 16th Loksabha

West Bengal : 3 Constituency (Candidates Declared), Maharashtra : 8 Constituency (Candidates Declared), Assam : 6 Constituency (Candidates Declared), Bihar : 4 Constituency(Candidates Declared), Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha and Andaman & Nikobar Islands : 1 Constituency Each (Candidates Declared), Uttar Pradesh : 6 Constituency (Candidates Declared), Hariyana : 3 Constituency (Candidates Declared), Jharkhand : 3 Constituency (Candidates Declared),

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Model 5

Rebuild India: In Netaji's Way

After 56 years of independence, hundreds of problems have heaped up to cripple our national life. The poor have become poorer, while a handful of capitalist rich people have enormously inflated their earnings. Unemployment is steadily going up, health & education are far away from the reach of the common people. There is no indication of 'power' being handed over to the 'people'. The representatives of the national bourgeoisie capitalist class, with the patronage of the imperialist powers, are running the central administration, and as such, people's emancipation has not been More......

An Appeal By Com. Asok Ghosh

Build Netaji Bhavan. In New Delhi.

It is indeed a regrettable deficiency on our part that in spite of our party representation in the both Houses of Parliament during the last six decades, we have failed so far to construct our own Central Party Office Building in the capital city of New Delhi.Our senior most party leader and freedom-fighter Com. Asok Ghosh has therefore given a clarion call to collect the necessary fund within six months to build up the Netaji Bhavan as our Party Head Quarter in New Delhi. More......